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Hot Velcro Action (Mike Cantor 2010)

Publié par djp sur 25 Décembre 2010, 23:00pm

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Reçu le 25-12-2010

Your music in a film...


My name is Mike Cantor and I am a film-maker in Oakland, CA. I came across your work while searching Dozmatic to score a stop-motion animation short film called “Hot Velcro Action.” Your music is incredible! Your tracks feels more like audio sculpture than like songs and they fit perfectly with the feel of my film. You can see it here




As you can see, I set “Hot Velcro Action” mostly to “O6 Action” from Musique en Morceaux but also used bits and pieces from three other tracks. Please let me know if there are any mistakes in the credits for these songs at the end of the film.

In using your music for the film I am taking advantage of your choice to distribute it under the License Art Libre (thank you!). I have just submitted the piece for consideration in several film festivals. I will let you know where the film will be screening if it is accepted. In the event that it gets picked up for distribution in some format (that is if someone actually wants to pay me for it) I would like make arrangements to compensate you for your contribution and secure whatever permissions are necessary.

I really enjoyed working with your music -- here’s to the wonder of the internet and long-distance anonymous artistic mind-melding.

-Mike Cantor


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